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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the owners and operators of the Green Grotto Caves?

St. Ann Development Company operates the facility on behalf of owners, the Urban Development Corporation

What is the cost to tour caves?

  • Regular Rates:
    • Ages 13 years and over: US$20
    • Ages 4 – 12 years: US$10
      (Payable in Jamaican Dollars at the applicable rate of exchange).
  • *Rates to Jamaican Residents:
    • Ages 13 years and over: J$1,000
    • Ages 4 – 12 years: J$500

*Resident Adults required to present one of the following forms of valid identification at the Ticket Office: EITHER Jamaican Driver’s Licence OR National Registration ID( Voter’s ID) OR Local Employment ID.

Can I bring children on tour of the caves?


What are the age limits for the children?

There is no charge for children under age 4. However only children from ages 4 -12 will be allowed on the tour

Can I bring pets?

Pets are not allowed on tour.

Are you open on public holidays?


Can I use my credit/debit card at your facility?


Can I use personal or travellers cheque?


Can I bring my mobile phone in the cave?


Can I take photographs while on tour?


Can I use any electronic recording device while on tour of the caves?


If I am travelling from Montego Bay, how do I find your attraction?

While travelling east towards Ocho Rios on the main thoroughfare, the attraction is located on the main. Approximately five minutes after Puerto Seco Beach

Is there an additional cost for safety equipment?

No this is included in the fee for the tour

What are the requirements for footwear?

We recommend sneakers

What other activities are offered at your facility?

You can contact the attraction for further discussion. Email and contact number

Do you have any gift/logo shop?


Is swimming allowed in the cave?


Are meals provided?

Light snack and refreshment are available for sale

Am I insured when I embark on the tour of the caves?

Yes there is liability insurance in keeping with local and international laws

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