Green Grotto Caves

Environmental Policy

Green Grotto Caves & Attractions recognizes that our attraction has an important role to play in educating visitors about our environment, specifically, the sensitive eco-system found within and around our caves. Our actions are therefore committed to practicing environmentally sound behaviour in all areas of our operations. Specifically, these actions are:

  • To develop and work towards environmental policies, which will protect our attraction, making it sustainable.
  • To comply with all environmental laws and regulations.
  • To minimize our use of energy, water, chemical agents and raw materials.
  • To minimize the generation of solid waste and other pollutants, through the implementation of a reduction, recycle and reuse programme.
  • To ensure preference is given to purchasing local products and services where available.
  • To provide all employees with the training and resources required to carry out our environmental objectives, specifically our biodiversity monitoring programme.
  • To educate our guests and staff on the sensitive eco-system found within and around our caves, with emphasis on the biodiversity, and to such extent, invite them to participate in monitoring activities.
  • To give special consideration to the employment of persons living in nearby communities who meet job specifications, qualifications and selection process.
  • To openly and proudly communicate our environmental policies and practices to our employees, guests and interested parties.
  • To monitor and record our environmental performance relative to our policies, objectives and targets.
  • To maintain a continuous commitment to improve environmental practices.
  • To monitor and evaluate the impact the operations may have on climate change and to implement mitigating factors.
  • To ensure that activities; products and equipment at our attraction are environmentally friendly hence lessening the increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

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