Green Grotto Caves
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Rates and Packages

We are open daily from: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Entry Fee

  • Regular Rates:
    • Ages 13 years and over: US$20
    • Ages 4 – 12 years: US$10
      (Payable in Jamaican Dollars at the applicable rate of exchange).
  • *Rates to Jamaican Residents:
    • Ages 13 years and over: J$1,000
    • Ages 4 – 12 years: J$500

*Resident Adults required to present one of the following forms of valid identification at the Ticket Office: EITHER Jamaican Driver’s Licence OR National Registration ID( Voter’s ID) OR Local Employment ID.


Please observe the following while touring the caves:

  • Plan your caving attire, so that you will be safe and comfortable
  • Touring the cave without the protective headgear provided will be at your own risk
  • Do not litter the caves
  • Do not break off or disfigure the delicate cave formations
  • Do not smoke in the caves
  • Persons touring the caves must be accompanied by a tour guide
  • Pets are not allowed on tour.

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